List of rivers of Hawaii

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This is a list of rivers and streams in Hawaii (U.S. state).

Modern maps show some 360 streams in the Hawaiian Islands. However, because of the small size of the islands in comparison with continental areas, there are very few navigable rivers anywhere in the islands.

The following list is sorted by name. Click on the double triangles at the top of the "Island" column to sort the table by island.

Name Island Additional information
'Ohe'o Gulch Stream Oʻahu
Ala Wai Canal Oahu
Anahulu River Oahu
Halawa Stream Molokai
Hanakapiai Stream Kauai
Hanakoa Stream Kauai
Hanalei River Kauai
Hanapēpē River Kauai Includes the Kō'ula River watershed.
Hanawi Stream Maui
Honolewa Stream Hawaiʻi
Honolii Stream Hawaiʻi
Honomu Stream Hawaiʻi
Hule’ia River Kauai
Kahakuloa Stream Maui
Kaukonahua Stream Oahu 28 miles (45 km) long (including South Fork), one of longest in the state[1]
Kahana Stream Oahu
Kihalani Stream Hawaii
Kaiwilahilahi Stream Hawaii
Kalalau Stream Kauai
Kalihiwai River Kauai
Kaluanui Stream Oahu
Kapehu Stream Hawaiʻi
Kapia Stream Maui
Kawainui Stream Molokai
Koaie Stream Kauai
Kolekole Stream Hawaiʻi About 12.4 miles (20.0 km) long,[1] includes Akaka Falls.[2]
Koloa Gulch Oahu
Limahuli Stream Kauai
Lumaha'i River Kauai
Manoloa Stream Hawaiʻi
Ninole Stream Hawaiʻi
Nualolo Aina Stream Kauai
Opea Stream Hawaiʻi
Paheehee Stream Maui
Paukauila Stream Oahu
Pelekunu Stream Molokai
Waialae Stream Hawaiʻi
Waihee River Maui
Waikolu Stream Molokai
Wailau River Molokai
Wailua River Kauai
Wailuku River Hawaiʻi 28 miles (45 km) long, one of longest in the state.[1] Largest stream discharge in the state.[3]
Waimanu Stream Hawaiʻi
Waimea River Kauaʻi 12.1 miles (19.5 km) long, one of longest on Kauai[1]
Waimea River Oahu

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