List of rivers of Alabama

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This is a list of rivers in the US state of Alabama. Alabama has over 77,000 miles of rivers and streams with more freshwater biodiversity than any other US state. Alabama's rivers are among the most biologically diverse waterways in the world. 38% of North America's fish species, 43% of its freshwater gill-breathing snails, 51% of its freshwater turtle species, and 60% of its freshwater mussel species are native to Alabama's rivers.

List by drainage basinEdit

All rivers in Alabama eventually flow into the Gulf of Mexico. This list arranges rivers into drainage basin, which are ordered by the location of the mouth of the main stem from east to west. Tributaries are ordered from mouth to source (subject to being within the borders of Alabama).

Gulf Coast (east)Edit

drainage basins for the main rivers draining southeastern Alabama
Apalachicola River
Choctawhatchee River
Yellow River
Escambia (Conecuh) River
Perdido River

Mobile BayEdit

By far, the Mobile drainage basin is the largest in Alabama
Mobile drainage basin
Mobile–Alabama–Coosa rivers
Black Warrior drainage basin

Gulf Coast (west)Edit

Pascagoula drainage basin
Tennessee drainage basin

Mississippi RiverEdit


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