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List of Douglas A-20 Havoc operators

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RAF Boston III from No. 88 Squadron RAF over Dieppe Harbour, 1942

List of A-20 Havoc operators identifies the country, military service, and unit that has been supplied or purchased A-20s.




Royal Australian Air Force

69 Aircraft, 22 DB-7B A28-1 to A28-22, 9 A-20C A28-23 to A28-31, 9 A-20A A28-32 to A28-40 and 29 A-20G A28-50 to A28-78 (A28-41 to A28-49 not used)


Brazilian Air Force

31 aircraft, 30 A-20K and 1 A-20C

    • 1st Bomb Group Light
    • 2nd Bomb Group Light


Royal Canadian Air Force


French Air Force

No. 342 Sqn RAF (Free French)Boston III/IV


Japanese forces captured a few Dutch aircraft (DB-7B's) in Java.

Imperial Japanese Army Air Force
Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service


Netherlands East Indies


Polish Air Force in Exile in Great Britain

  South AfricaEdit

South African Air Force

  Soviet UnionEdit

Soviet Air Force
Soviet Naval Air Service

The USSR received 2,908 Douglas Havocs; over one third of production. The Soviet Air Force (VVS) often rearmed them with Soviet turrets and weapons. In one instance, a Havoc was downed over the Gulf of Finland with a female gunner. Women primarily served in the VVS in three official regiments but some served in otherwise all-male units.[2]

The Soviet Naval Air Service's primary anti-shipping aircraft were Havoc A-20Gs fitted to drop torpedoes and mines.[3]

  United KingdomEdit

Royal Air Force [4][5][6]

  United StatesEdit

United States Army Air Corps
United States Army Air Forces
United States Marine Corps
United States Navy

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