Segunda División de Panamá

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Segunda División de Panamá also known as Liga Prom, is a professional league for association football clubs in Panamá. It is the country's second-tier football competition, contested by 24 clubs with no promotion or relegation. The competition was formed on 2021.

Liga Prom
Organising bodyFepafut
FoundedFebruary 19, 2021 (2021-02-19)
Number of teams24
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toSuspended
Relegation toSuspended
TV partnersCable Onda Sports
WebsiteOfficial website



The Anaprof era is remembered for establishing the Primera A branding with a format of two short tournaments per season (Apertura and Clausura), similar to many Latin American championships. Champions teams required promotional playoff games with ANAPROF's (top-tier league) last placed team.


LNA logo

The Liga Nacional de Ascenso was formed in 2009 to replace the governing body of the league and forced ANAPROF top tier league to accept a direct promotion team. Other important goals were league expansion to 16 teams, later reduced to 14 teams after the 2011-12 season. The league was successful with attendance records since had several popular teams like Río Abajo FC, C.A. Independiente, SUNTRACS FC and Atlético Nacional. This severely affected ANAPROF and LPF (top-tier league) attendance numbers and reputation.


The Ascenso LPF (2016-2020) era organised by Panamanian Football Federation was mostly remembered for reducing participating teams to eight and disaffiliating several teams for missing documentation and requirements.

Liga PROMEdit

After Manuel Arias winning the Panamanian Football Federation election, the General Board accepted his proposal for a mew structure for the panamanian football at all levels starting 2021; for the second division tier, will have a 24 teams league named Liga PROM, with promotion and relegation suspended, added 12 LPF Under-20 teams, kept 7 remaining Ascenso LPF teams and invited 5 teams.


The following teams are expected to play in the Liga Prom Apertura 2021 season.

Team City Stadium Capacity Founded Joined Head coach LPF affiliate
Eastern Conference
Zona Norte
Árabe Unido U-20 Colón Estadio Armando Dely Valdés[i] 4,000 1994 2021   Julio Medina C.D. Árabe Unido
Champions FC Academy Colón Estadio Armando Dely Valdés[i] 4,000 2016 2021   Ausberto Valencia
Colón C3 FC Colón Estadio Armando Dely Valdés[i] 4,000 2010 2021   Carlos Miranda
C.D. Centenario Colón Estadio Armando Dely Valdés[i] 4,000 2011 2021   Javier Miller
UMECIT FC San Miguelito Estadio UMECIT[ii] 300 2020 2021   Fredy Romero
Sporting San Miguelito U-20 San Miguelito Estadio Javier Cruz 2,500 1989 2021   Jorge Santos Sporting San Miguelito
Zona Sur
Alianza FC U-20 Juan Díaz Estadio Cascarita Tapia[i] 900 1963 2021   José Soriano Alianza FC
C.D. Plaza Amador U-20 El Chorrillo Estadio Maracaná[i] 5,500 1955 2021   Cesar Morales C.D. Plaza Amador
C.D. del Este U-20 Pacora Estadio Maracaná[i] 5,500 2008 2021   Rubén Chávez C.D. del Este
Panamá City FC Panama City Eagles Stadium 300 2014 2021   Pablo Falquez
San Martín FC San Martín Estadio Cascarita Tapia[i] 900 2010 2021   Alejandro Quezada R.
Tauro FC Pedregal Estadio Javier Cruz 2,500 1984 2021   Javier Ainstein Tauro FC
Western Conference
Zona Norte
Atlético Chiriquí U-20 David Estadio San Cristóbal[i] 2,500 2002 2021   Jonathan Parra Atlético Chiriquí
Herrera FC U-20 Chitré Estadio Los Milagros[i] 1000 2019 2021   Hugo Domínguez Herrera FC
Mario Mendez FC David Estadio San Cristóbal[i] 2,500 2019 2021   Mario Méndez
Unión Coclé / San Antonio FC Penonomé Estadio Virgilio Tejeira[i][iii] 900 2019 2021   Jorge González
Universitario Penonomé Estadio Universitario[i] 3,500 2016 2021    Mike Stump U.D. Universitario
Veraguas C.D. U-20 Santiago Complejo de Atalaya[iv] 300 2020 2021   José Anthony Torres Veraguas C.D.
Zona Sur
C.A. Independiente U-20 La Chorrera Estadio Agustín Sánchez[i] 3,100 1982 2021   Franklin Narvaez C.A. Independiente
San Francisco FC U-20 La Chorrera Estadio Agustín Sánchez[i] 3,100 1992 2021   Luis Ureña San Francisco FC
S.D. Atlético Nacional Juan Díaz Estadio Oscar Suman Carrillo[v] 1,000 2001 2021   Gustavo Ávila
S.D. Panamá Oeste Capira Estadio Agustín Sánchez[i] 3,100 2010 2021   Andrés Corbillon
UDELAS FC San Miguelito CAI Sports Center[vi] 500 2020 2021   Jayro Benavides
Universidad de Panamá Águilas Panama City Estadio Oscar Suman Carrillo[v] 1,000 2020 2021   David Acosta
  LPF team-affiliated


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Media coverageEdit

The LPF has been partnered with local cable sports network Cableonda Sports (subsidiary of Tigo Panamá) to broadcast live games on the Cableonda tv cable system. In addition all teams are authorize to produce live streaming broadcasts using YouTube platform with no home or away matches restrictions, however is required to add Liga Prom logo and grant copyright to the LPF organization.


Champions Timeline[1]
Season Champions Runners–up Notes
1989-90 Panamá Viejo FC Los Toros (La Chorrera) PVJ gain promotion to ANAPROF
1990-91 Sporting Colón UTP SPC gain promotion to ANAPROF
1992 UTP Río Mar (Puerto Armuelles) ROM gain promotion to ANAPROF
1997 Sporting 89 Atlético Municipal Colón S89 gain promotion to ANAPROF
1998 Atlético Municipal Colón Chorrillo FC AMC gain promotion to ANAPROF
1999 Alianza FC Atlético Guadalupe AFC gain promotion to ANAPROF
2000 Chorrillo FC CD Pan de Azucar CFC gain promotion to ANAPROF
2001-02 Primavera FC Zona Libre FC PFC gain promotion to ANAPROF
2003-A CD Pan de Azucar CA Independiente
2003-C River Plate Colón Río Abajo FC CDP and RPC gain promotion to ANAPROF due to league expansion
2004 Atlético Chiriquí Sabanitas FC ATC gain promotion to ANAPROF
2005 CD Policia Nacional Dep. Atalanta
2006 Chepo FC CD Pan de Azucar
2008-A AD Orión Chorrillito FC
2008-C Río Abajo FC Chorrillito FC RAB lost promotion match against CD Plaza Amador
2009-A-I Río Abajo FC CA Independiente
2009-A-II AD Orión Río Abajo FC RAB lost promotion match against Alianza FC
2010-A Colón C3 FC FC Veraguas 2010
2011-C SUNTRACS FC CAI La Chorrera CC3 gain promotion to LPF
2011-A Río Abajo FC Santa Gema FC
2012-C CAI La Chorrera Tierra Firme FC RAB gain promotion to LPF
2012-A Millennium UP S.D. Atlético Nacional
2013-C CAI La Chorrera Millennium UP CAI gain promotion to LPF
2013-A Atlético Chiriquí S.D. Atlético Nacional
2014-C SUNTRACS FC Atlético Chiriquí ATC gain promotion to LPF
2014-A SD Atlético Nacional SUNTRACS FC
2015-C SUNTRACS FC Colón C3 FC ATN gain promotion to LPF
2015-A Santa Gema FC Millenium UP
2016-C Atlético Veragüense Colón C3 FC STG gain promotion to LPF
2016-A Costa del Este FC CAI La Chorrera
2017-C CAI La Chorrera Deportivo Municipal SM CAI gain promotion to LPF
2017-A Costa del Este FC S.D. Atlético Nacional
2018-C Costa del Este FC C.D. Centenario CDE gain promotion to LPF
2018-A Leones de América Colón C3 FC
2019-C Atlético Chiriquí S.D. Atlético Nacional ATC gain promotion to LPF
2019-A S.D. Atlético Nacional Azuero FC
cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

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