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Liechtenstein Castle

Liechtenstein Castle in Austria
Southeast view

Liechtenstein Castle (Schloss Liechtenstein; Burg Liechtenstein) is a castle near Maria Enzersdorf in Lower Austria bordering Vienna. It is on the edge of the Wienerwald (Viennese Forest). The castle, originally built during the 12th century, was destroyed by the Ottomans in 1529 and 1683, and remained in ruins until 1884, when it was rebuilt.

Liechtenstein ("bright stone") Castle is the origin of the name of the Liechtenstein family, the ruling house of the country of the same name, which owned the castle from at least 1140 until the 13th century and again from 1807 onwards.

Today, the castle is in private ownership and is mainly known for the Nestroy Theatre Festival held annually during the summer months. The 1969 film A Walk with Love and Death, the 1971 film The Vampire Happening, the 1979 film The Fifth Musketeer, and the 1993 film The Three Musketeers featured shots of the castle.[1]

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