Les Amants du pont Saint-Jean

Les Amants du pont Saint-Jean is a 1947 French film directed by Henri Decoin. It was entered into the 1947 Cannes Film Festival.[1]

Les Amants du pont Saint-Jean
Directed byHenri Decoin
Written byJean Aurenche
René Wheeler
Produced byG. Jif
A. Landeau
StarringPaul Frankeur
Release date
  • 24 December 1947 (1947-12-24)
Running time
78 minutes


Pilou and Augusta are in love, but Augusta's father, the conservative mayor of the city, does not look upon their relationship kindly. His reprobation is directed less at the boy himself than at his parents, Maryse and Alcide Garonne, who are living together unmarried. Pilou and Augusta run away, and the mayor finally accept their union provided that the Pilou's parents regularize their situation through marriage. This they do, but after their marriage, the lovers separate. Finally, Pilou's mother falls and dies on the bank of the Rhone, and Alcide, overwhelmed with grief, throws himself into the river.



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