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List of numbered roads in Leeds and Grenville United Counties

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This is a list of numbered roads in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario.

County Road # Local Name(s) Southern/Western Terminus Northern/Eastern Terminus Settlements served Additional Notes
1 County Road 1
Kitley/South Elmsley Townline Road
Anglican Church Road
Rideau Ferry Road
County Road 29 the Rideau Canal Toledo, Lombardy, Rideau Ferry
2 County Road 2 Deer Ridge Drive Marine Station Road Gananoque, Legge, Ebenezer, Escott, Sherwood Springs, Brockville, Maitland, Blue Church, Prescott, Wexford, Johnstown, Cardinal former King's Highway 2 running from Windsor to the Quebec border;
a.k.a. King Street in Gananoque, King Street in Brockville, and King Street in Prescott
3 Reynolds Road
Prince Street
Outlet Road
Bryan Road
Thousand Islands Parkway County Road 33 Selton, Lansdowne, Dulcemaine, Outlet, Long Point
4 Warburton Road
Blue Mountain Road
Rockfield Road
Sly Road
Quabbin Road
County Road 3 County Road 2 Warburton, Rockfield, Quabbin, Mallorytown
5 Mallorytown Road
County Road 5
Thousand Islands Parkway King's Highway 15 Mallorytown Landing, Caintown, McIntosh Mills, Athens, Plum Hollow, Newboyne a.k.a. Mill Street, Main Street and Elgin Street in Athens
6 North Augusta Road County Road 26 County Road 15 Rows Corners, Manhard, North Augusta
7 Greenbush Road
County Road 7
County Road 29 County Road 16 Greenbush, Rocksprings, Crystal
8 Main Street
Toledo Road
Line 6 Road
King's Highway 15 County Road 29 Elgin, Phillipsville, Bellamys Mills, Toledo
9 Chaffeys Lock Road the Rideau Canal King's Highway 15 Chaffeys Lock
10 Perth Road Frontenac County limits Lanark County limits Blairs Settlement, Westport
11 Jones Falls Road Simpson Road King's Highway 15 Jones Falls
12 Salem Road Wolfe Lake Road County Road 10 Salem, Westport
13 South Lake Road Boundary Road County Road 32 Springfield
14 Narrows Lock road County Road 42 the Rideau Canal Crosby, Narrows Lock
15 Church Street
County Road 15
Reid Street
County Road 2 the Rideau Canal Maitland, Stones Corners, North Augusta, Wolford Centre, Hemlock Corners, Merrickville
16 County Road 16 County Road 29 County Road 15 Jasper, Eastons Corners
17 Jasper Road County Road 16 Lanark County limits Jasper
18 County Road 18
Clothier Street
Prescott town limits Sanders Street, Kemptville Sparkle City, Roebuck, McRoberts Corner, Bishops Mills, Hutchins Corners, Kemptville
19 Rideau River Road County Road 24 Ottawa city (old Carleton County) limits Kemptville, Besley Woods
20 Oxford Station Road
Town Line Road
Slater Road
Dillabaugh Road
County Road 18 Boundary Road East Oxford, Oxford Station, Millars Corners, Heckston
21 County Road 21
Shanly Road
County Road 15 Byker Road Throoptown, Roebuck, Spencerville, Shanly
22 County Road 22
Gower Drive
County Road 2 County Road 19 Cardinal, Brouseville, Pittston, Shanly, Heckston, Pelton Corner
23 River Road
Burritts Rapids Road
County Road 43 County Road 43 Burritts Rapids
24 Vanburen Street Prescott Street, Kemptville County Road 43 Kemptville
25 Guy Road County Road 18 County Road 43 Swan Crossing
26 3rd Concession Road County Road 6 County Road 18 Rows Corners, Bethel, Stones Corners, Maynard
27 Yonge Mills Road
Main Street
Centennial Road
County Road 2 County Road 29 Yonge Mills, Lyn
28 County Road 28 County Road 29 County Road 6 Glen Buell, New Dublin, Bellamys
29 County Road 29 County Road 27 Lanark County limits Tincap, Glen Bluell, Forthton, Addison, Lehighs Corners, Frankville, Toledo, Newbliss, Shanes former King's Highway 29 running from Brockville to Arnprior
30 Addison Road County Road 42 County Road 29 Anoma Lea, Addison
31 Blue Church Road County Road 2 County Road 26 Blue Church
32 Stone Street
County Road 32
County Road 2 King's Highway 15 Gananoque, Cheeseborough, Taylor, Berrytown
33 Lyndhurst Road King's Highway 15 County Road 42 Sweets Corners, Lyndhurst
34 Hiscocks Road
Eden Grove Road
County Road 2 County Road 3 Emery, Eden Grove, Lansdowne
35 Station Road County Road 32 County Road 34 Gananoque Junction
36 Mountain Road County Road 12 Lanark County limits Westport
37 Howe Island Ferry Road the St. Lawrence River County Road 2 the Howe Island ferry wharf
38 Briton-Houghton Bay Road King's Highway 15 Willis Wharf Mill Pond, Big Rideau Lake
39 County Park Road Charleston Lake County Road 40 Charleston
40 King Street
Charleston Road
Elgin Street South
Cedar Park Lane County Road 5 Charleston, Glen Morris, Athens
41 County Road 41 County Road 15 County Road 16 Hemlock Corners
42 County Road 42 County Road 10 County Road 29 Newboro, Crosby, Forfar, Philipsville, Delta, Soperton, Athens, Glen Elbe, Forthton a.k.a. Main Street in Athens, King Street in Delta and Drummond Street in Newboro
43 County Road 43 County Road 15 Boundary Road Merrickville, Actons Corners, Kemptville
44 County Road 44 King's Highway 16 the Rideau Canal Crystal Rock, Glen Smail, Spencerville, Groveton, Van Allens, Kemptville Former alignment of King's Highway 16 prior to the construction of Highway 16 New/Highway 416 in the 1990s;
a.k.a. Prescott Street and Sanders Street in Kemptville
45 Brockchem Road County Road 2 CN rail yard, Maitland Du Pont Canada nylon factory
46 Lyn Road
Main Street
Perth Street
County Road 46
County Road 2 County Road 29 Lyn, Seeley
47 Main Street King's Highway 15 King's Highway 15 Seeley's Bay