League of entropy

The League of Entropy (LoE) is a consortium of organizations working together to produce a distributed, publicly verifiable randomness beacon.[1] Members currently include C4DT, ChainSafe, cLabs, Cloudflare, Emerald Onion, EPFL, Ethereum Foundation, IC3, Kudelski Security, Protocol Labs, PTisp, QRL Foundation, Tierion, UCL, and the University of Chile.[2][non-primary source needed] The LoE began in 2019 with founding members Cloudflare, Protocol Labs researcher Nicolas Gailly, University of Chile, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), and Kudelski Security.[3][1] It was created to provide an alternative to centralized randomness beacons where randomness generation can be compromised or manipulated,[3] which happened in the Hot Lotto fraud scandal.[4] Verifiable randomness has applications in election audits, lotteries, crypto-currencies, and privacy-preserving data management systems.[5]


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