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Lake of Gruyère

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Lake of Gruyère (French: Lac de la Gruyère; German: Lac de la Gruyère or Greyerzersee) is an artificial lake in the La Gruyère region of the Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Lake of Gruyère
Lac de la Gruyère
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Karte Lac de la Gruyère.png
Coordinates 46°39′N 7°06′E / 46.650°N 7.100°E / 46.650; 7.100Coordinates: 46°39′N 7°06′E / 46.650°N 7.100°E / 46.650; 7.100
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Saane/Sarine, Sionge, Jogne
Primary outflows Saane/Sarine
Catchment area 954 km2 (368 sq mi)
Basin countries Switzerland
Max. length 13.5 km (8.4 mi)
Surface area 9.60 km2 (3.71 sq mi)
Max. depth 75 m (246 ft)
Water volume 220×10^6 m3 (180,000 acre⋅ft)
Surface elevation 677 m (2,221 ft) (max)
Islands Ile d'Ogoz, four other islets
Settlements see article
Rossens dam

The reservoir was formed between the cities of Bulle and Fribourg, by building the Rossens Dam on the Sarine river in 1948. The arch dam has a height of 83 m and a crest length of 320 m. The reservoir filled in about four months after completion. The dam is operated by the Groupe E SA.

The remains of the castle of Pont (or Pont-en-Ogoz) and a chapel are located on the Ile d'Ogoz, one of the five islets in the lake.

The "Viaduc du Lac de Gruyère" of the A12 motorway was built in the 1970s. The bridge has a total length of 2043 m and crosses three valleys, including two arms of the lake.

Villages and municipalities at the lake
Western shore Eastern shore

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