La Guirlande de Campra

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La Guirlande de Campra is collaborative orchestral work written by seven French composers in 1952. It is in the form of variations or meditations on a theme from André Campra's 1717 opera Camille, reine des Volsques.[1]

The numbers and their composers are:

  1. Toccata (Arthur Honegger*)[2]
  2. Sarabande et farandole (Daniel-Lesur)[3][4]
  3. Canarie (Alexis Roland-Manuel)
  4. Sarabande (Germaine Tailleferre*)
  5. Matelote provençale (Francis Poulenc*)
  6. Variation (Henri Sauguet)
  7. Écossaise (Georges Auric*)[5]
*Member of the group Les Six

The work was first performed on 30 July 1952[6] at the Aix-en-Provence Festival, by the Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire, under conductor Hans Rosbaud.[3]

Benjamin Britten attended the premiere, and it gave him the idea of commissioning several composers to contribute to a set of Variations on an Elizabethan Theme to celebrate the forthcoming coronation of Elizabeth II, for which he was also writing his opera Gloriana.[7][8]


In 1966, a ballet, La Guirlande de Campra, was choreographed by John Taras and presented by New York City Ballet.


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