L’Independence arabe

L’Independence arabe was a monthly political magazine with a special reference to the independence of the Arabs. The magazine was based in Paris, France, and published for one year in the period of 1907–1908.

L’Independence arabe
Editor-in-chiefEugène Jung
CategoriesPolitical magazine
FounderNegip Azoury
First issueApril 1907
Final issueSeptember 1908
Based inParis

History and profileEdit

L’Independence arabe was first published in Paris in April 1907.[1] Negip Azoury was the director, and Eugène Jung was the editor-in-chief of the magazine which was published on a monthly basis.[1] Azoury published articles in L’Independence arabe which called for the independence of all people living in the Ottoman Empire and for the independent states for them.[2] He argued that France should actively involve in ending the Ottoman oppression against the Arabs.[3] His writings were also anti-Semitic which led to accusations of him being an agent of the Catholic Church.[2]

L’Independence arabe folded after producing 18 issues in September 1908 shortly after the declaration of the constitution in the Ottoman Empire.[4][5] Because both Azoury and Jung thought that this incident would make the subjects of the Ottomans free.[3] Azoury expressed these views in the final issue of L’Independence arabe.[6]


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