Valmieras apriņķis

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Valmieras apriņķis (German: Kreis Wolmar, Russian: Вольмарский уезд) was a historic county of Latvia. Its capital was Valmiera (Wolmar).

Valmieras apriņķis on the map of Latvia (1938).
Valmieras apriņķis (Wolmarsche Kreis) on the map of Ludwig August Mellin (1798).


The county of Valmiera was created during the administrative territorial reform of the Governorate of Riga in 1783 by merging of parishes from the preexisting Kreis Riga and Kreis Pernau.

After the establishment of the Republic of Latvia in 1918, the Valmieras apriņķis[1] existed until 1949, when the Council of Ministers of the Latvian SSR split it into the newly created districts (rajons) of Valmiera and Rūjiena (dissolved in 1959).


At the time of the Russian Empire Census of 1897, Kreis Wolmar had a population of 112,836. Of these, 93.3% spoke Latvian, 3.2% Estonian, 2.0% German, 0.8% Russian, 0.5% Yiddish, 0.1% Romani and 0.1% Polish as their native language.[2]


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