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Phayao Kingdom

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The Phayao Kingdom was a period in the history of Phayao in Northern Thailand. It began with a revolt against the Chiang Rai rulingship in the northern Thailand.

Kingdom of Phayao
Phayao and its neighbours, late 13th century.
Capital Phayao
Languages Tai language
Religion Buddhism
Government Absolute Monarchy
 •  1094 Sri Jomthap
 •  Last Phraya Kham Rue
Historical era Middle Ages
 •  Establishment by Sri Jomthap 1094
 •  Annexed to Kingdom of Lanna 1338
Succeeded by
Today part of Northern Thailand

Legend and HistoryEdit

Phayao legend began with one lord titled Lord Sri Jomtham, son of Lord LaoHgern ruler of the Hiran Ngoenyang Kingdom. During the late reigning period of LaoHgern, he have divided his power to 2 sons, Lord Sri Jomtham and his brother Lord Shin. Lord Shin became the new ruler of Hiran Ngoenyang while Sri Jomtham gathered an army and citizens to build a new territory. At the age of 25 Sri Jomtham brought his troops down to Chiang Man area. In the myth, Sri Jomtham have founded found a deserted town on the end of the Mountain Range. Sri Jomtham took a risk to build his city, the construction ended on 1094. He named his Kingdom PukamYao. Sri Jomtham's dynasty ruled Pukamyao over 9 generations until the last Pukamyao King gave the throne to his son-in-law, Phaya Ngam Mueang. Ngam Mueang led his Kingdom to it greatest period and renamed it to Kingdom of Phayao.

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