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Khanom khrok bai toei

Khanom khrok bai toei (Thai: ขนมครกใบเตย, romanizedkhonmokrokbaitœ̄i, pronounced [kʰā.nǒm kʰrók bāj tɤ̄ːj]) or Khanom khrok Singapore (Thai: ขนมครกสิงคโปร์, romanized: khonmokroksingpō, pronounced [kʰā.nǒm kʰrók sǐŋ.kʰā.pōː]) is a Thai dessert created by Thai people; the name khanom khrok Singapore came from one of the main ingredients, tapioca starch. Thai people formerly called tapioca flour "Singapore flour", hence khanom khrok Singapore; the word khanom means dessert in Thailand.[1] This Thai dessert is rather hard to find at present, you only find it at some Thai dessert shops, some famous markets or department stores such as Siam Square market. Khanom khrok bai toei is shaped like a flower or a small dish, depending on the indented frying pan used to make it. It is usually a fresh green color which comes from pandan leaves.[2] Sometimes, pastry chefs use parts of other plants instead of pandan leaves such as the blue butterfly pea flower, so this dessert can have other colors.

The name khanom khrok bai toei is very similar to khanom khrok but the taste is different; khanom khrok also fragrant, sweet and the texture is also smooth from the coconut milk but khanom khrok bai toei has flavor of pandan. (The word bai toei means "pandan leaf" in Thai.) Moreover, khanom khrok has a soft cream of coconut milk and rice flour on the middle but khanom khrok bai toei does not, but rather is similar to pancake.[3]


Khanom khrok bai toei has three main ingredients, tapioca flour, coconut milk, and pandan leaves. Other ingredients are wheat flour, salt, baking powder, eggs, and sugar.[4]

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