Keiko Teshima

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Keiko Teshima (手島 桂子, Teshima Keiko, née Maeda Maeda (前田); born 25 March 1980) is a retired Japanese judoka.

Keiko Teshima
Personal information
Medal record

She was born in Takasago, Hyogo, and began judo at the age of 12.[1] She entered Miki House after graduating from Tsukuba University.[1] She was good at Seoinage[2] and Newaza.[3]

In 1998, she won a gold medal the World Junior Judo Championships.[4] In 1999, she won a gold medal at the World Judo Championships and the Ippon Trophy.[4]

She also participated in the Olympic Games in 2000[5] but was defeated by Celita Schutz from USA.


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