Kanada (family of ragas)

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Kanada (Hindustani pronunciation: [ˈkänəɽä ˈrägäŋg], (ISO 15919/IAST: Kānaṛā rāgaṅg Hindi: कान्हड़ा, Bengali: কানাড়া)) also known as Kanhada is a group of ragas in Hindustani classical music. The name Kanada suggests that it may have originated in the Carnatic music tradition and Kannada country.[1]

Ragas in this group belong to different thaats, but particularly to the Asavari or Kafi thaat.
Komal Gāndhāra (Ga) and komal Dhaivata (Dha) are vakra (zigzag) in descent and are used in phrases like gMR and dnP.

List of ragas in the Kanada familyEdit

The following ragas belong to this group :[2]

  1. Abhogi Kanada
  2. Adana Kanada
  3. Asavari Kanada
  4. Basanti Kanada
  5. Bageshree Kanada
  6. Bhavsakh Kanada
  7. Darbari Kanada
  8. Enayatkhani Kanada
  9. Devsakh Kanada
  10. Gunji Kanada
  11. Husseini Kanada
  12. Inayatkhani Kanada
  13. Jayant Kanada
  14. Kafi Kanada
  15. Kausi Kanada
  16. Lachari Kanada
  17. Lankashree Kanada
  18. Malkauns Kanada
  19. Nagadhwani Kanada
  20. Navarasa Kanada
  21. Nayaki Kanada
  22. Rageshree Kanada
  23. Raisa Kanada
  24. Ramsakh Kanada
  25. Shahana Kanada
  26. Sughrai Kanada
  27. Suha Kanada

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