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Košarkaški klub Vojvodina Srbijagas (Serbian Cyrillic: Кошаркашки клуб Војводина Србијагас), commonly referred to as KK Vojvodina Srbijagas, was a men's professional basketball club based in Novi Sad, Serbia. The club participated in the Basketball League of Serbia and Adriatic League. They played their home games in SPC Vojvodina.

Vojvodina Srbijagas
Vojvodina Srbijagas logo
Lale (Tulips)
Founded1993; 29 years ago (1993)
Dissolved2016; 6 years ago (2016)
HistoryKK Beobanka
KK NIS Vojvodina
KK Vojvodina Srbijagas
merged with KK Novi Sad
ArenaSPC Vojvodina
Belgrade (1993–2000)
Novi Sad (2000–2016)
Team colorsRed, white, blue
OwnershipNaftna Industrija Srbije

The club was also known as Nova Vojvodina (transl. New Vojvodina) to distinguish it from the same-name town rivals KK Vojvodina. The club disbanded before the 2016–17 season due to a bad financial situation, when the sponsor, Srbijagas, ceased their investments in the team. It was not a member of the Vojvodina Sport Society, but a successor of the KK Beobanka and KK Novi Sad clubs.


KK Beobanka periodEdit

KK Beobanka
LocationBelgrade, Serbia
Team colorsBlue and white

KK Beobanka was a club based in Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia (now Serbia). The club competed in the First League of FR Yugoslavia from 1995 to 2000. Their matches were played at the Palata sportova. Their biggest success was the participation in the 1997–98 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Cup final where they lost to the Budućnost. They participated in European competitions – the FIBA Korać Cup (1996–97, and 1998–99) and the FIBA EuroCup (1997–98). It was coached by Darko Ruso. The club was legally disbanded in summer of 2000, relocated to Novi Sad, and renamed to KK NIS Vojvodina.

Relocation to Novi Sad: Vojvodina periodEdit

KK Vojvodina Srbijagas against KK Partizan in 2009
KK NIS Vojvodina

Shortly afterward, the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) took over the founding rights and became the owner of the entire capital of Beobanka/Vojvodina Srbijagas.[1] Thus was created KK NIS Vojvodina before the start of the 2000–01 season. In their debut season in the YUBA League, they finished in eighth place during the regular season, and qualified for the playoffs, where they were eliminated in the first round by KK Budućnost Podgorica after two games.

KK Vojvodina Srbijagas

In 2006, the club changed its name back to the simpler KK Vojvodina Srbijagas. In 2011, the club was merged with another local team, KK Novi Sad.[2] The merger was done to help strengthen the financial position of the clubs. In the summer of 2016, however, Vojvodina Srbijagas went into bankruptcy and subsequently it was dissolved.[3][4]


SPC Vojvodina

Sports Center Vojvodina is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in Novi Sad and it has a capacity of 11,500 seats.

Head coachesEdit


Season by seasonEdit

Season Tier Division Pos. Postseason W–L National Cup Regional competitions European competitions
1993–94 N/A N/A N/A
1994–95 1 YUBA League N/A 19–9 N/A
1995–96 1 YUBA League 5 24–12 N/A
1996–97 1 YUBA League 2 N/A 19–7 N/A 3 Korać Cup R16 2–6
1997–98 1 YUBA League 7 N/A 14–12 Runners up 2 EuroCup QF 9–7
1998–99 1 YUBA League 6 Not held 11–11 N/A 3 Korać Cup RS 3–3
1999–00 1 YUBA League 5 Quarterfinalist 13–11 N/A
NIS Vojvodina
2000–01 1 YUBA League 8 Quarterfinalist 9–15 Quarterfinalist 3 Korać Cup R16 2–6
2001–02 1 YUBA League 6 Quarterfinalist 12–13 N/A
2002–03 1 YUBA League 8 Quarterfinalist 7–17 4 Champions Cup GS 4–6
2003–04 1 BLSM First League 3 Semifinalist 26–12 Semifinalist 3 Europe League EF 9–5
2004–05 1 BLSM First League 1 SL 5th 26–14 Quarterfinalist
2005–06 1 BLSM Super League A3 6–4 Quarterfinalist ABA League 6 15–11
Vojvodina Srbijagas
2006–07 1 BLS Super League 1 SL 5th 27–9 Quarterfinalist 3 FIBA EuroCup R1 1–5
2007–08 1 BLS Super League 5 7–7 Quarterfinalist ABA League 9 12–14
2008–09 1 BLS Super League A3 6th place 2–7 Quarterfinalist ABA League 14 4–22
2009–10 1 BLS First League 6 15–11
2010–11 1 BLS First League 10 12–14
2011–12 1 BLS First League 1 Semifinalist 30–12 Quarterfinalist
2012–13 1 BLS First League 1 Semifinalist 28–14 Quarterfinalist
2013–14 1 BLS First League 8 12–14
2014–15 1 BLS First League 3 SL 5th 23–13 Quarterfinalist
2015–16 1 BLS First League 13 9–17

Notable playersEdit

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KK Beobanka playersEdit

KK Vojvodina playersEdit

International recordEdit

Season Achievement Notes
FIBA Saporta Cup
1997–98 Quarterfinals Eliminated by Žalgiris, 119–137 (0–2)
FIBA EuroChallenge
2003–04 Round of 16 Eliminated by UNICS, 0–2
2006–07 Round One 4th in Group F with Maroussi Honda, ASK Rīga, and ČEZ Nymburk (1–5)
FIBA Korać Cup
1996–97 Round of 16 Eliminated by Aris, 138–141 (1–1)
1998–99 Regular season 3rd in Group P with Darüșșafaka, Iraklio Minoan Lines, and Chemosvit (3–3)
2000–01 Round of 32 4th in Group D with Fenerbahçe, Hemofarm, and Türk Telekom (0–6)
FIBA EuroCup Challenge
2002–03 Regional Qual. Round 4th in Conference South Group A with Hapoel Jerusalem, Yambolgaz-92, Pinar Karşıyaka, and Feršped Rabotnički (4–6)


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