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Jupiter is a science fiction magazine and is edited by Ian Redman. The magazine was first published in July 2003.[1] Based in the United Kingdom, Jupiter has garnered a solid reputation as a dependable small press in its respective field, as noted by SF Crowsnest,[2] and is a publication which SFRevue calls "an amusing journey".[3] Jupiter, published four times a year, is produced in a minimalist style (i.e. monochrome cover, no interior illustrations, brief editorial, no non-fiction and stapled in the middle). Each issue is named after one of the Jovian satellites, with the traditional number of the moon matching the issue number of the magazine.

While the strength of each issue wavers—and although there is no pay—this has not stopped Jupiter from attracting rising stars in the field of speculative fiction, such as the Clarke-Bradbury award winner Lavie Tidhar, David Ireland, Eric S. Brown, David Conyers, Peter Tennant, Andrew Hook and Anubis nominee Carmelo Rafala.


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