Juan José Míguez

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Juan José Miguez (1918–1995) was an Argentine actor.[1] He appeared in more than thirty films during his career including co-starring alongside Eva Perón in The Prodigal (1946) during the Golden Age of Argentine Cinema. Later in his career he appeared several times in Isabel Sarli films. Miguez also appeared frequently on the television, stage and radio. He was married to the actress Lia Casanova.

Juan José Miguez
Juan José Miguez, Cine Aventuras, February 1956 - Annemarie Heinrich.jpg
Juan José Miguez (1956)
Died1 September 1995
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Years active1943-1983 (film)
Tita Merello and Juan José Miguez (1949)

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