Johny Tolengo, el majestuoso

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Johny Tolengo, el majestuoso is a 1987 Argentine film. It had a high success, and helped the actor Juan Carlos Calabró to become a highly recognized comedian.[1]

Johnny Tolengo, el majestuoso
Juan Carlos Calabró as Johny Tolengo
Directed byGerardo Sofovich
Enrique Dawi
StarringJuan Carlos Calabró
Music byJuan Carlos Calabró
Release date
  • July 16, 1987 (1987-07-16) (Buenos Aires)
Running time
Country Argentina

The character of Johnny Tolengo, a Buenos Aires socialite similar to Isidoro Cañones, was created in the TV show "Calabromas". In the movie, the character is a famous singer, dealing with extortions from the mafia. The movie released a soundtrack as well, sung by Calabró. Some songs like "Qué Alegría" or "Mis amigos los pibes" were adopted by soccer teams fans.


  • Juan Carlos Calabró
  • Noemí Alan
  • Guillermo Francella
  • Nené Malbrán
  • Naanim Timoyko
  • Cacho Espíndola
  • Ileana Calabró
  • Los Bicivoladores
  • Carlos Artigas
  • Mónica Guido
  • José Andrada
  • Gisella Paz
  • Carlos Serafino
  • Navarro Melvín
  • Jorge López Vidal
  • José María Safigueroa


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