Johann Friedrich Kittl

Johann Friedrich Kittl (Jan Bedřich Kittl: born 8 May 1806 Orlík, Bohemia; 20 July 1868 in Leszno, Poland) was a Czech composer.

Jan Bedřich Kittl.png

After studying law in Prague, Kittl studied music with Václav Tomášek. From 1843 to 1864, he headed the Prague Conservatory.

Kittl became famous for his operas, which have had great success in Prague. He also wrote chamber music, songs and four symphonies, including the widely played E-flat Symphony "Lovecka" (Jagdsinfonie Op. 8, 1838).


  • Daphnis' Grave (lost)
  • Bianca and Giuseppe (or the French before Nice), libretto by Richard Wagner based on Heinrich Koenig's novel The High Bride 1848
  • Forest Flower, libretto by Johann Carl Hickel 1852
  • The Iconoclast Libretto: Julius Edward Hartmann 1854

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