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Jim O'Connor is an American actor and former host of the show The Secret Life Of.... O'Connor first appeared on the Food Network as the host of All-American Festivals, replacing Tyler Florence as host. Later O'Connor went on to host the new Food Network show, The Secret Life Of... for three years, until George Duran replaced him as host in early 2007.[1] O'Connor also has hosted a special called Scoop, in which five Food Network viewers create a new flavor of ice cream.

O'Connor appeared in the movie Sweet Home Alabama as a reporter who holds a microphone out as Reese Witherspoon and Patrick Dempsey's characters walk past the crowd after the engagement scene. He also appeared in the comedy movie Undercover Brother as a cigarette executive, and Mystic Pizza.

O'Connor also plays crime reporter Dean Reid on the Onion News Network. As Reid, O'Connor hosts Raw Justice, a parody newsmagazine in the vein of Dateline.

O'Connor co-hosted USA Live in 1995, an afternoon talk show in which he and co-host Heather S. Michaels, situated in a diner/coffee shop type environment, provided commentary between breaks of reruns of The Love Connection, The People's Court, and Wings.

O'Connor also appeared in a commercial for Crest Pro Health.[2]


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