Joan, Countess of Chiny

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Joan (c. 1205 – 17 January 1271) was the Countess of Chiny.[1] Joan was the daughter of Louis IV, Count of Chiny, and Matilda of Avesnes, and became ruler of the county upon her father’s death on 7 October 1226. She married Arnold IV, Count of Loon,[2] son of Gerard III, Count of Rieneck, and Kunigunde von Zimmern, in 1228, whereupon he assumed the role of Count of Chiny.

Joan and Arnold had the following children:

  • John I, Count of Chiny and Loon
  • Arnaul II (died 1273), Bishop of Châlons (1272–73)
  • Henry, Seigneur d’Agimont
  • Gerard (died after April 1284), Seigneur de Chauvency le-Château, married Marguerite de Meurs
  • Elisabeth (died before 1251), married Thomas III of Coucy, Seigneur of Vervins, and Albert, Seigneur of Voorne
  • Adelaide (died after 1268), married to Thierry II, Seigneur of Valkenburg
  • Juliana, married to Nicolas, Seigneur of Quiévrain
  • Louis V, Count of Chiny
  • Margaret (died 1292)?, married William IV, Lord of Horn

She was succeeded as ruler of Chiny by her husband, Arnold II, Count of Chiny.


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