Jayashree Roy

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Jayashree Kabir (née Roy; born c. 1952) is a Bengali film actress.[1] She acted in around 30 films in West Bengal and Bangladesh.[1]

Jayasree Kabir
জয়শ্রী রায় কবির
Jayashree Roy

1952 (age 69–70)
SpouseAlamgir Kabir


While studying in South Point School Jayashree Roy earned Miss Kolkata title in 1968.[1] She got her first break from Satyajit Ray through the film Pratidwandi in 1969.[1][2] She married Bangladeshi film director Alamgir Kabir and starred in two of his films, Simana Periye and Rupali Soikote, which are regarded by the British Film Institute (BFI) as among the finest films to have come out of Bangladesh.[3] Later in life, she moved to London where she now resides. She teaches English at a higher education college.[1]


Personal lifeEdit

Jayashree Roy has a son, Lenin Saurav Kabir, with her husband Alamgir Kabir.[5]


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