James Berry (major-general)

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James Berry (died 1691[1]) was a Parliamentary major-general who fought in the English Civil War.

Berry was a major-general; clerk in ironworks, Shropshire, c. 1642; took service under Cromwell; captain-lieutenant at Battle of Gainsborough, 1643; president of council of adjutators, 1647; employed in suppressing attempted rising in Nottinghamshire, 1665; major-general of Hereford, Shropshire, and Wales, 1655; member of Cromwell's House of Lords; member of Council of State and of committee who nominated to offices, 1659; imprisoned (1660) by Council of State in Scarborough Castle.

After the Restoration, he was assimilated into the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards and given command of The Blues: the largest regiment in the British Army, based in Northampton. The Protestants in this regiment remained loyal to the Stuarts and the Crown, despite having Dutchmen and Huguenots in their ranks.


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