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Jadayi Maiwand (Dari: جاده میوند‎, Maiwand Avenue), also spelled Jada Maiwand or Jade Maiwand, is a major thoroughfare in the old center of Kabul, Afghanistan.[1] The wide boulevard was built around 1948 as a modern main road cutting through the cluttered ancient alleyways.[2] Although Kabul city has widely expanded since then, Jadayi Maiwand continues to be a go-to shopping place for many residents, for it has anything the city has and links to plenty of old bazaars and markets, such as Mandawi and Ka Foroshi (Bird Market). It was almost completely destroyed by 1994 due to the Civil War, but since the 2000s has become a busy commercial district once again.[3] The avenue is named after the 1880 Battle of Maiwand, when the Afghans were victorious over the British in the Second Anglo-Afghan War. A victory monument was built at a circle in Jadayi Maiwand in 1959.[4]

Jadayi Maiwand

جاده میوند
Kabul City Map.svg
Country Afghanistan


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