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J.J Mall is a large shopping complex which is situated in the heart of Chatuchak district, Bangkok, Thailand. The shopping complex is located next to the weekend market. (J.J Market). The whole area has become one vast building site and all shop zones are interlinked.[1] They use the slogan: Everything For You[2] The mall is a 7-storey-building comprising 4 stories of shopping zones and 3 floors of parking, for more than 2,000 vehicles including open-air parking for buses. J.J. Mall is fully equipped with elevators, escalators and air-conditioning for the whole area of 1,200 shops.


The mall is convenient and easy accessible[1] by Buses and Sky train (BTS) at Mo Chit Station or Subway (MRTA) at Kamphaeng Phet station near Mochit.

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