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The Italian Civil Code (Italian: Codice civile) is the civil code of Italy, a collection of norms regulating private law.[1] It was enacted by Royal decree no. 262 of 16 March 1942. It predates the current Constitution of Italy, and it was amended in the postwar period.[1] The 1942 civil code replaced an earlier civil code which was in force since 1865, and was based on an Italian translation of the Code Napoleon.[1]


  • Preliminary provisions: 16 provisions applying to all books of the civil code.
  • Book 1 - family law, marriage, adoption.
  • Book 2 - inheritance law, testament.
  • Book 3 - property: movable items, real estate, property rights and limits.
  • Book 4 - bonds, purchase and sale contracts, mortgages.
  • Book 5 - commerce law and labor law.
  • Book 6 - liability, transcription, credit law, rules of evidence.


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