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1993 Israeli presidential election

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Elections for the President of Israel were held in the Knesset on 24 March 1993,[1] following the end of Chaim Herzog's second five-year term in office. Ezer Weizman, former Israeli Air Force commander and Defense Minister of Israel, ran against Dov Shilansky, a Likud politician. The Knesset elected Weizman, by a majority of 66 to 53 to serve as the next President of Israel. He assumed office as President on 13 May 1993.

Israeli presidential election, 1993

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  Ezer Weizman 1978-2.jpg Noimage.png
Nominee Ezer Weizman Dov Shilansky
Party Labor Likud
Electoral vote 66 53
Percentage 55% 45%

President before election

Chaim Herzog

Elected President

Ezer Weizman


Candidate Votes
Ezer Weizman 66
Dov Shilansky 53
Blank ballots 1
Total 120