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1951 Israeli presidential election

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An election for President of Israel was held in the Knesset on 19 November 1951 following the 1951 Knesset elections and the formation of the third government (at the time, the length of the president's term was linked to that of the Knesset).[1] Despite his poor health, Weizmann stood again, and there were no opposing candidates. Although Weizmann was the only person to stand, a vote was still held. The result was 85 votes for, 11 against and three blank ballots. 21 MKs did not vote.

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  Flickr - Government Press Office (GPO) - President Chaim Weizmann.jpg
Nominee Chaim Weizmann
Electoral vote 85

President before election

Chaim Weizmann

Elected President

Chaim Weizmann

He was sworn in for his second term at his home in Rehovot on 25 November.[1]

Weizmann died a year later, and an early election was held to choose the country's second president.


Choice Votes
For 85
Against 11
Blank ballots 3
No vote 21
Total 120


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