List of University of Toronto buildings

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The University of Toronto is made up of several academic and administrative buildings at each of its three campuses.

Name Building Code College or Faculty Built Architect Notes Image
1 Spadina Crescent SP 1875 Smith & Gemmell Former home of Knox College 1 Spadina Crescent.JPG
39 Queen's Park Cres E (Sir W.T. White House) ML St. Michael's 1903 Former home of the Centre for Medieval Studies 39 Queen's Park Cres E.JPG
40 Sussex Avenue Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education 1890 Former private home 40 Sussex Avenue.JPG
90 Wellesley Street West JP Faculty of Music

(Formerly St. Michael's College)

1955 Secondary music building and jazz department 90 Wellesley Street West.JPG
92 College Street Faculty of Medicine 1920 92 College Street.JPG
97 St. George Street 1889 Former private home; former home of the Department of Classics 97 St. George Street.JPG
172 St. George Street 1987 Enrolment services, financial aid & awards office (former admissions & awards) 172 St. George Street.JPG
215 Huron Street 1961
245 College Street
246 Bloor Street West SK Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work 1950 Former medical office building purchased by university 246 Bloor Street West.JPG
254-256 McCaul Street RM 1912 254-256 McCaul Street.JPG
370 Huron Street 1884 Campus Co-Op Day Care Centre 370 Huron Street.JPG
455 Spadina Avenue 455 Spadina Avenue.JPG
703 Spadina Avenue 1890 Former private home 703 Spadina Avenue.JPG
713 Spadina Avenue Former private home 713 Spadina Avenue.JPG
720 Spadina Avenue FE Faculty of Sociology attached to the University of Toronto School 720 Spadina Avenue.JPG
Admissions Office 1908 Burke & Horwood Former meteorological research building Admissions Office.JPG
Alumni Hall AH St. Michael's College 1923 Alumni Hall, Toronto.JPG
Annesley Hall AN Victoria College 1902 Victoria College women's residence Annesley Hall.JPG
Anthropology Building AP 1963 Anthropology Building.JPG
Architecture Building AR Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design 1908 Architecture Building, Toronto.JPG
Astronomy & Astrophysics Building AB 1963 Astronomy & Astrophysics Building.JPG
Bahen Centre for Information Technology BA 2001 Diamond and Schmitt Architects Uoft bahen centre grand view.jpg
Bancroft Building BF 1926 Bancroft Building.JPG
Banting Institute BI Faculty of Medicine 1930 Banting Institute.JPG
Best Institute BE Faculty of Medicine 1954 Best Institute.JPG
Birge-Carnegie Library BC Victoria College 1910 Sproatt and Rolph Victoria College and United Church archives Birge-Carnegie Library.JPG
Borden Building - 563 Spadina Crescent SB/NB north building 1910, south building 1920 George M. Miller Originally the City Dairy Stables Borden Building.JPG
Brennan Hall BR St. Michael's College 1937, expanded 1967 Arthur W. Holmes Brennan Hall.JPG
Burwash Hall BW Victoria College 1913 Henry Sproatt Dining hall Burwash-hall toronto.jpg

Burwash Residence

BU Victoria College 1931 Student residence
Canadiana Gallery CG School of Public Policy and Governance 1950 Mathers and Haldenby Formerly the Archives of Ontario 1951 to 1977 Canadiana Gallery.JPG
Cardinal Flahiff Building CF St. Michael's College 1950 Cardinal Flahiff Building.JPG
Carr Hall CR St. Michael's College 1954 Ernest Cormier Carr Hall.JPG
Central Steam Plant ST Central Steam Plant, Toronto.JPG
Chestnut Residence CN 1971 Formerly the Colony Hotel, today a student residence Chestnut Residence.JPG
CIUT Radio Building 1892 Demolished in 2009. Held within Hart House CIUT Building.JPG
Clara Benson Building BN Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education 1959 Part of the Athletic Centre Clara Benson Building.JPG
Claude T. Bissell Building BL 1971 Part of Robarts Library Claude T. Bissell Building.JPG
Convocation Hall CH 1907 Pearson and Darling Uoft conhall.jpg
Cumberland House CU 1860 Frederick W. Cumberland International Student Centre Cumberland House.JPG
D.L. Pratt Building PT Engineering 1965 D.L. Pratt Building.JPG
Dentistry Building DN University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry 1959 On Edward St. south of campus University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry.jpg
Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research DC Faculty of Medicine 2004 Peter Clewes University of Toronto FitzGerald Building and Donnelly Centre.JPG
E.J. Pratt Library PR Victoria College 1961 Gordon S. Adamson Associates Pratt Library.JPG
Early Learning Centre ER 2003 Teeple Architects Early Learning Centre.JPG
Earth Sciences Centre ES 1989 A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt and Company and Bregman + Hamann Architects Earth Sciences Centre.JPG
Edward Johnson Building EJ Faculty of Music 1961 Edward Johnson Building.JPG
Elmsley Hall EH St. Michael's College 1955 Student residence Elmsley Hall.JPG
Emmanuel College EM Victoria College 1931 Sproatt and Rolph Emmanuel College, University of Toronto.jpg
Engineering Annex EA Engineering 1920
Exam Centre EX 1931 Exam Centre.JPG
Faculty Club FC 1896 Benjamin Brown Faculty Club.JPG
Falconer Hall FH Faculty of Law 1901 Sproatt and Rolph Falconer Hall.JPG
Fasken Martineau Building LG Home of Downtown Legal Services Fasken Martineau Building.JPG
Fields Institute FI 1995 KPMB Architects Fields Institute.JPG
FitzGerald Building FG Faculty of Medicine 1927 Mathers and Haldenby FitzGerald Building.JPG
Flavelle House LW Faculty of Law 1902 Darling and Pearson Flavellelaw.JPG
Gage Building GA Division of Occupational and Environmental Health, Dalla Lana School of Public Health 1915 Charles S. Cobb and Frank A. Spangenberg Constructed by Sir William James Gage as the headquarters of the National Sanitarium Association. Purchased by the university in 1971. Gage Building.JPG
Galbraith Building GB Engineering 1960 Galbraith Building.JPG
George Ignatieff Theatre GI Trinity College 1979 George Ignatieff Theatre.JPG
Gerald Larkin Building LA Trinity College 1961 Somerville, McMurrich & Oxley Gerald Larkin Building.JPG
Gerstein Science Information Centre SM 1892 David B. Dick Originally the main campus library. The Sigmund Samuel Library building. Sig Sam.JPG
Graduate House GD 2000 Thom Mayne Student residence U of T Graduate House.JPG
Graduate Students' Union GU 1920 Former site of the Baracca Club and Knox Youth Centre, current home of the Graduate Students' Union, Harvest Noon Cafe and the GSU Pub. Graduate Students' Union.JPG
Hart House HH 1919 Henry Sproatt Student centre Hart House.JPG
Haultain Building HA 1904, top three floors added in 1930 Formerly the Mill Building Haultain Building.JPG
Health Sciences Building HS Faculty of Medicine 1961 E.C. Etherington Formerly the Toronto Board of Education, Education Centre
Innis College IN Innis College 1961 Jack Diamond and Barton Myers Innis College.JPG
Innis College Student Residence IS Innis College 1994 Zeidler Roberts Partnership Student residence Innis-college-in-toronto.jpg
Isabel Bader Theatre BT Victoria College 2000 Lett/Smith Architects Isabel Bader Theatre.jpg
J. M. Kelly Library KL St. Michael's College 1969 John J. Farrugia Kelly Library.jpg
J. Robert S. Prichard Alumni House DR 1958 Alumni House, U of T.jpg
Jackman Humanities Building JH 1929 Formerly the Medical Arts Building Marani, Lawson and Paisley MedicalArtsBuilding.JPG
John Andrews Building UTSCScienceWing.jpg
Joan Foley Hall FoleyHall.jpg
John R. Bailey House (121 St. George Street) IR 1888 Langley & Burke Former private home. Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources John R. Bailey House.JPG
King's College 1845 Demolished 1890 King's College Toronto 1855.jpg
Knox College KX 1915 Knox College, UofT.jpg
Koffler House KP 1990 Koffler House.JPG
Koffler Student Services Centre KS 1906 Alfred H. Chapman Building was originally home to Toronto's main public library Koffler Student Centre.JPG
Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories LM 1963 Lash Miller Building.JPG
Leighton Goldie McCarthy House WR 1931 Located in The Annex north of campus Leighton Goldie McCarthy House.JPG
Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building PB Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy 2004 Norman Foster Building with the Big Balls.jpg
Lillian Massey Building LI 1912 Home of the Department of Classics and the Centre for Medieval Studies Hovsehold.jpg
Loretto College LC St. Michael's College 1958 Women's residence Loretto College.JPG
Louis B. Stewart Observatory SO 1857 Home of the University of Toronto Students' Union Toronto Magnetic Observatory, WNW 2.jpg
Macdonald-Mowat House MM 1872 63 St. George st. Mowat House.jpg
Margaret Addison Hall MG Victoria College 1958 Student residence Margaret Addison Hall.JPG
Massey College MA Massey College 1963 Ronald Thom Selective postgraduate residence and Fellows community. Founded by The Massey Foundation by the Rt Hon. Vincent Massey Massey college.jpg
Max Gluskin House GE 1898, significant expansion in 2008 Economics Department Max Gluskin House.JPG
McLennan Physical MP 1967 Shore & Moffat McLennan Physical.JPG
McMurrich Building MR Faculty of Medicine 1923 Darling and Pearson Formerly the Anatomy Building McMurrichBuildingUniversityofTorontoCanada.JPG
Mechanical Engineering Building MC Engineering 1909 Darling and Pearson Mechanical Engineering Building.JPG
Medical Building Faculty of Medicine Demolished University of Toronto medical building.jpg
Medical Sciences Building MS Faculty of Medicine 1969 Site of the old Biology Building c. 1888 and interim home to the University of Toronto Scarborough from 1964 to 1966 MedicalSciencesBuildingUToronto4.jpg
Mining Building MB Engineering 1905 Francis R. Heakes Mining Building.JPG
Morrison Hall MO University College 2004 Zeidler Partnership Architects Student residence Morrison Hall.JPG
Munk School for Global

Affairs at the Observatory

MK 1908-1909 Edmund Burke and John C. B. Horwood Formerly Dominion Meteorological Building. 315 Bloor St West
Munk Centre for International Studies MU Trinity College 1909, rebuilt in 2000 Eden Smith, rebuilt by KPMB Architects 1 Devonshire Place Munk Centre for International Studies.JPG
Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship MY Engineering 2018 Montgomery Sisam Architects in Association with Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios[1] 55 St. George St
New College (III) Residence NR New College 2003 saucier + perrotte architects inc. Student residence Res-new-college-toronto.jpg
North West Chiller Plant None North West Chiller Plant.JPG
Northrop Frye Hall NF Victoria College 1967 Adamson Associates Northrop Frye Hall.JPG
Odette (Louis) Hall OH St. Michael's College 1852 William Hay Odette Hall.JPG
Old Admin Building OA 1915 C.H. Bishop Formerly headquarters of the Toronto Board of Education Old Admin Building.JPG
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education OI Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 1969 Kenneth R. Cooper Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.JPG
Physical Geography Building PG 1926 Formerly the Forestry Building Darling and Pearson Physical Geography Building.JPG
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies St. Michael's College 1935 Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies.jpg
Ramsay Wright Laboratories RW 1965 Ramsay Wright Laboratories.JPG
Regis College (New) St. Michael's College 1926 Regis College, University of Toronto.JPG
Rehabilitation Sciences Building Faculty of Medicine 1958 Located south of campus on University Ave
Robarts Library RL 1973 Mathers & Haldenby Architects with consultation from Warner, Burns, Toan & Lund Robartslibrary.jpg
Robert Brown House 1890 Part of Bancroft Building. Originally located on Huron Ave Robert Brown House.JPG
Rosebrugh Building RS Engineering 1921 Darling and Pearson Formerly the Electrical Building Rosebrugh Building.JPG
Rotman School of Management RT 1995, expansion in 2012 Zeidler Partnership Architects, expansion by KPMB Architects 105 St. George St Rotman School.JPG
Rowell Jackman Hall RJ Victoria College 1993 Student residence Rowell Jackman.JPG
Sam Sorbara Hall SR St. Michael's College 2000 Student residence Sam Sorbara Hall.JPG
Sir Sandford Fleming Building SF Engineering 1907, rebuilt after 1977 fire Darling and Pearson Named after Sir Sandford Fleming. Home to most engineering social events. Uoft SF-01.jpg
School of Continuing Studies CS 1950, rebuilt in 2004
School of Graduate Studies GS 1891 School of Graduate Studies.JPG
Sidney Smith Hall SS 1961 John B. Parkin Associates Sidney Smith Hall.JPG
Simcoe Hall SI 1924 Administration building named for John Graves Simcoe Simcoe Hall.JPG
Sir Daniel Wilson Residence SD University College 1954 Mathers and Haldenby Student residence Sir Daniel Wilson Residence.JPG
Soldiers' Tower TR 1924 Sproatt and Rolph Attached to Hart House WWTower-in-university-of-toronto.jpg
St. Basil's Church St. Michael's College 1856 William Hay St. Basil's Church.JPG
St. George Graduate Residence 1926 Marani Ferdinand Demolished in 2002 at the corner of Bloor and St. George
St. Hilda's College HI Trinity College 1938 George and Moorehouse Student residence St Hilda, UofT.jpg
Stephenson House Victoria College Co-operative student residence Stephenson House winter.jpg
Stewart Building EP 1894 E. J. Lennox Home of the Rotman executive programme. Toronto Stewart Building.JPG
Studio Theatre 1914 Maurice Klein Originally St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church Studio Theatre.JPG
Sussex Court SC 1903 James A. Ellis Sussex Court.JPG
C. David Naylor Building (Formerly Tanz Neuroscience Building) NL (TZ) Faculty of Medicine 1932 Formerly the Botany Building Tanz Neuroscience Building.JPG
Teefy Hall TF St. Michael's College 1935 Teefy Hall.JPG
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library RB 1973 Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.jpg
T.M. Harris House (123 St. George Street) WA 1899 Burke & Horwood Former private home T.M. Harris House.JPG
Toronto School of Theology 1900 Former private home Toronto School of Theology.JPG
Transition Year Program (49 St. George Street) 1900 Former private home 49 St. George Street.JPG
Trinity College TC Trinity College 1925 Pearson and Darling Trinity College, UofT.jpg
University College UC University College 1858 Frederick Cumberland and William G. Storm. Uoft universitycollege2.jpg
University College Union UP University College 1885 Former private home University College Union.JPG
University of Toronto Scarborough Student Centre UTSCStudentCenter.jpg
University of Toronto Schools FE 1910 Darling and Pearson Secondary school associated with university connected to the Faculty of Sociology 725 Spadina Ave U of T School.JPG
Varsity Arena VA 1927 T. R. Loudon along with Pearson and Darling Varsity Arena.JPG
Varsity Pavilion VP 2009 Varsity Pavilion.JPG
Varsity Stadium VA 2007 Diamond and Schmitt Architects Varsity Centre.JPG
Victoria College VC Victoria College 1892 William G. Storm Also known as Old Vic Victoria College circa 1895.jpg
Wallberg Building WB Engineering 1949 Wallberg Building.JPG
Warren Stevens Building WS Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education 1980 Main building of the Athletic Centre Warren Stevens Building.JPG
Wetmore Hall WE New College 1965 Fairfield and Dubois Wetmore Hall.JPG
Whitney Hall WT University College 1931 Mathers and Haldenby Student residence Whitney Hall.JPG
Wilson Hall WI New College 1969 Fairfield and Dubois Wilson Hall, New College.JPG
Woodsworth College WW Woodsworth College 1992, but incorporating earlier structures Barton Myers Associates Ltd. and KPMB Architects Woodsworth College.JPG
Woodsworth College Residence WO Woodsworth College 2003 Peter Clewes Student residence Woodsworth College Residence.JPG
Wycliffe College WY 1891 David B. Dick Wycliffecollege.jpg
Wymilwood GC Victoria College 1951 Fleury & Arthur Architects Victoria College student centre within Goldring Student Centre Wymilwood.JPG
Zion Church 1882 Former Congregationalist church today Joint Centre for Bioethics Zion Congregational.JPG


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