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Iranian manned spaceship project

The Iranian manned spaceship project is a proposal by the Iranian Aerospace Research Institute of the Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC) to put an astronaut into space.


Some details of the design were published by the institute in its "Astronaut" publication in February 2015.[1] A mock up of the spaceship was displayed on 17 February 2015 during the ceremony of the national day of space of Iran. The head of the institute announced that the spaceship will be launched to space in about one year,[2] which did not happen. The Iranian President and several of the ministers were present in the unveiling and the ceremony.[3]

If funded and developed, the spaceship would carry a single astronaut to a 175 km height and return it to Earth. The spaceship was designated the code name "Class E Kavoshgar" project. The main modules include the launcher adapter, spaceship, and the launch cancellation system. According to Iran's Space Administrator, this program was put on hold in 2017 indefinitely.[4]


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