International Institute for Counter-Terrorism

The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) is a non-profit organization located at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), in Herzliya, Israel. The ICT was founded in 1996 and describes itself as "the leading academic institute for counter-terrorism in the world, facilitating international cooperation in the global struggle against terrorism." The ICT provides "expertise in terrorism, counter-terrorism, homeland security, threat vulnerability, risk assessment, intelligence analysis, national security and defense policy."[1] The organisation states that "all of its efforts and resources are dedicated to approaching the issue of terrorism globally – that is, as a strategic problem that faces not only Israel but other countries as well."[2]


Among ICT's stated activities are academic courses, seminars, conferences, research and publication of papers, articles and commentaries, consulting and training, threat assessment, legal assistance, lectures and workshops. The ICT administers the largest public domain research database on the Internet of terrorist organizations, activists and incidents from 1988 to the present time.[citation needed]

According to Foreign Affairs, ICT presents a conservative Israeli perspective, "but that does not detract from the value of much of the material" it contains.[3]

In the University of Pennsylvania's 2014 Global Go To Think Tanks Report, ICT was ranked as the 29th best think tank in the Middle East and North Africa.[4] The ICT's reporting has been mentioned by The Village Voice,[5] USA Today,[6] and Asian Tribune.[7]


As its objectives, the ICT lists:[2]

Raising Awareness
includes all aspects of counter-terrorism including the psychological effects of acts of terror and the threat of terrorism.
Advising Decision Makers
encourages closer cooperation between different bodies involved in the fight against international terrorism and provides decision-makers with recommendations.
integrates academic knowledge with the practical experience of experts from many fields related to terrorism and counter-terrorism. The Institute conducts applied research concerning the roots of terrorism, its motivations, and causes.


One of ICT's founders, Prof. Boaz Ganor (who sits on ICT's Board of Directors) [8], served as the ICT's Executive Director from its inception through 2004, when he was temporarily replaced by Col. (Res.) Adv. Lior Lotan. Ganor returned to the Executive Director position in late 2006. Dr. Eitan Azani serves as ICT's Deputy Director.


The ICT relies exclusively on private donations and revenue from events, projects and programs.[1]


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