Herstedvester Prison

The Institution of Herstedvester, known in English as Herstedvester Prison, is a prison in Herstedvester, Denmark, for treatment by the Danish Prison and Probation Service. It houses convicted felons and in some cases also people with custody rulings in need of psychiatric assistance and observation.

The Institution of Herstedvester
LocationHerstedvester, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark.
Managed byThe Danish Prison and Probation Service

Herstedvester was built in 1935 for the detention and imprisonment of psychopaths.[1] Upon establishment, they were the first European prison to use a treatment method known as democratic therapeutic community.[2] The institution has 138 closed seats, while the open space has 15 seats.[citation needed]

The prison was also home to those deemed too dangerous for the open-style prisons in Greenland.[3]

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