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Karachi - A beta global city, is the largest city of Pakistan. Karachi has global importance because of its seaports. It is also the financial & industrial hub of Pakistan. Moreover, it is also the centre of research in bio medicine.[1] The healthcare sector in Karachi, Pakistan has improved in the last few years. Some hospitals in Karachi also provide free of cost healthcare services to needy people.[2]

The following is a list of major hospitals in Karachi, organized by country subdivisions.[3][4]

Public institutionsEdit

The public institutes that are working for healthcare in Karachi are following

Administered by Federal GovernmentEdit

Administered by Sindh GovernmentEdit

Non Profit HospitalsEdit

Administered by Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) / CDGK (City District Government KarachiEdit

Private HospitalsEdit

The list of private hospitals operating in Karachi, Pakistan are following.

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