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Living Word International Christian Church

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Living Word International Christian Church (formerly Immanuel's Church) is a multi-ethnic, conservative, evangelical, interdenominational church located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Established by Charles and Dotty Schmitt in 1982, the church is a large congregation. Living Word is a vigorous advocate for the traditional covenant of marriage.[1]



Founding pastor Charles Schmitt was originally part of the Latter Rain Pentecostal movement. After leaving the Covenant Life Church, the church was founded as Immanuel's Church in the Schmitt's family room in 1982. It then moved to the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) fellowship hall in 1983 and grew to over 100 members in less than a year. In March 1989, the church moved into its own worship center on New Hampshire Avenue.

While in the original building, the church grew from 400 to 1500. Then in 1996, after a three-year building project, the new worship and ministry center was expanded from 20,000 square feet to 120,000 square feet.[citation needed] The church's attendance is currently estimated at 4000.[2]

In July, 2015, a man committed suicide in the church's bathroom. [3]

Charles Schmitt stepped down as pastor in January 2017. He and the executive pastors were removed in the Spring of 2017 in favor of new leaders.[4] The name of the church was changed from Immanuel's Church to Living Word International Christian Church, to remove any relations with the former pastor.

The interim pastors here is Michael and Becki McDermott.[4][5]

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