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Istoé (Portuguese for 'That is'; often stylized ISTOÉ or IstoÉ) is a weekly news magazine in Portuguese published in Brazil, roughly the equivalent of the American magazines Time or Newsweek. The magazine was established in 1976.[1][2] It is published weekly by Editora Três[2][3] on Saturdays.[1] It is considered one of the three main magazines being published in the country, along with Veja and Época.[1][2]

Executive editorsAntonio Carlos Prado,
Eduardo Marini andMarco Damiani
CategoriesNews magazine
PublisherEditora Três
First issueMay 1976
Based inSão Paulo
LanguageBrazilian Portuguese

In 2003 the circulation of Istoé was 362,307 copies.[4]


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