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Hyun Jae-Myung (현제명, 玄濟明, 8 December 1902 - 16 October 1960) was a South Korean composer. Hyun composed and conducted the first Korean opera Chunhyang-jeon in 1950, and Prince Hodong in 1958.[1] During the Japanese colonial period, he, like most Koreans, was given a Japanese name based on his Korean one (玄山濟明 Kuroyama Sumiaki).[2]


  1. ^ University of Seoul Gallery "The bust of Hyun Jae-Myung, who was a musician, founder of Kyungsung School of Music, and the first dean of SNU's College of Music, is located in front of Building Number 54. Hyun composed and conducted the first Korean Opera "Chun Hyang Jeon" in 1950, and composed the well-known "Prince Hodong" in 1958. The College of Music Alumni Association funded the production of the sculpture and presented it to the school on October 16th, 1961."
  2. ^ (pdf) 동아일보

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