Humbeline of Jully

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Humbeline of Jully (c. 1091 – c. 1136) was a Benedictine nun in 11th-12th century France, who was beatified in the Roman Catholic Church in 1703 by Pope Clement XI.


devotional statute of Blessed Humbeline from 17th century Portugal, painted, with habit in gold
Blessed Humbeline, Portugal, 17th cent.
Bornc. 1091
near Dijon, France
Diedc. 1136
Jully, Yonne, France
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Beatified1703 by Pope Clement XI
FeastAugust 21 (formerly February 12)
PatronageCistercian nuns
Tradition or genre

After obtaining permission from her then-husband, Humbeline entered the community of nuns at Jully in 1133, when a charter records the tithes she contributed.[1] She later became prioress at Jully.[2]

Humbeline was born to Tescelin de Fontaine, lord of Fontaine-lès-Dijon, and Alèthe de Montbard, both nobles of Burgundy.[3][4] She was the younger sister of Bernard of Clairvaux, and her entry into the Benedictine priory at Jully, apparently at the urging of her brother, figures in accounts of Bernard of Clairvaux's life.[2]


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