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A hobby shop (or hobby store) sells recreational items for hobbyists.




Classical hobby stores specialize in modelling and craft supplies and specialty magazines for model airplanes (military craft, private airplanes and airliners), train models, ship models, house and building models. Some hobby shops sell R/C cars, boats, and model or remote control planes.


Some hobby shops may also sell dolls, and collectible coins and stamps.


A subtype of hobby shop is a game store, which sells jigsaw puzzles, card and board games and role playing games. In recent years, board and card game hobby shops have often become part-cafes.[1]


Another subtype of hobby shop is the computer store, which sells computers, software, services, and training. Computer hobby shops have traditionally sold computers, related network equipment, and services, more often than not, they are selling "training" in software like Adobe PhotoShop, Autodesk 3ds, web design and other "creative" software pursuits. As technology continues to evolve, the post "dot com" computer hobby shops have transformed these equipment and services to hands-on training environments where people gather and learn from one another. This is because several people who work in technology also have it as a hobby.

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