Henry X of Haynau

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Henry X, Duke of Haynau (1426 – before 28 May 1452) was Duke of Lüben (Lubin), during 1441–1446 with his brother as co-ruler, Haynau (Chojnów, since 1452), Brieg (Brzeg) and Goldberg (Złotoryja, during 1449–1450 with his brother, as co-rulers.

Henry X
Duke of Lubin, Chojnów, Brzeg, Złotoryja
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Coat-of-arms of Silesian Piasts
Diedbefore 28 May 1452
Noble familySilesian Piasts
FatherLouis III of Oława
MotherMargareta of Opole

He was the second son of Louis III, Duke of Ohlau-Lüben-Goldberg, by his wife Margareta, daughter of Duke Bolko IV of Opole.


In 1441, after the death of his father, Henry X and his older brother John I inherited the Duchies of Lüben and Haynau together as co-rulers. Their mother, Duchess Margareta, received Ohlau as a widow's land.

In 1443 both received Brieg from Elisabeth of Brandenburg, Duchess of Legnica-Brieg. The hard financial situation forced Henry X and John I to pledge their Duchy of Lüben to Duke Henry IX of Glogau in 1446. In 1450 they pledged Brieg, this time to their maternal uncle, Duke Nicholas I of Opole. At the end, the brothers only retain Haynau and Strehlen (Strzelin), who ruled together until Henry X's death without issue, leaving John I as a sole Duke.


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Preceded by
Louis III
Duke of Lubin
with John I

Succeeded by
Henry IX
Duke of Chojnów
with John I

Succeeded by
Jan I
Preceded by
Elisabeth of Brandenburg
Duke of Brzeg
with John I

Succeeded by
Nicholas I