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Hemchandra Barua

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Hemchandra Barua (Assamese: হেমচন্দ্ৰ বৰুৱা; Hêmsôndrô Boruwa), also known as Hem Barua was a prominent writer, social reformer of Assamese of the 19th century. He hailed from Sibsagar District of Assam. His father was Muktaram Barua.

Hemchandra Barua
Hemchandra Barua.gif
Born 1836
Sibsagar District, Assam
Died 1897
Language Assamese
Nationality Indian
Notable works Hemkosh

Literacy worksEdit

He was the compiler of first exhaustive Assamese dictionary Hemkosh, where spellings based on Sanskrit was first introduced. It was the second dictionary of Assamese language.[1] It was published in 1900 after his death under the supervision of Capt. P. R. Gordon, ISC and Hemchandra Goswami.

Some of his other works are listed below:[2]

  • 'Axomiya Byakaran'(Assamese grammar) (অসমীয়া ব্যাকৰণ) published in 1859.
  • 'Adipath' (আদিপাঠ) (1873)
  • 'Pathmala' (পাঠ-মালা) (1882)
  • 'Axomiya loraar byakaran' (Grammar for Assamese children) (অসমীয়া ল’ৰাৰ ব্যাকৰণ) (1886). All the above four books were accepted as text books to school and also awarded by the British Government.
  • 'Porhaxaliya Abhidhaan' (School Dictionary) (পঢ়াশলীয়া অভিধান) (1892).
  • 'Bahire rong song, bhitore kuwabhaturi', (বাহিৰে ৰংচং ভিতৰে কোৱাভাতুৰী)
  • 'Kaniyar Kirtan' (কানীয়াৰ কীৰ্ত্তন) (1861)
  • 'Way to health' (স্বাস্থ্য ৰক্ষা বা গা ভালে ৰাখিবৰ উপায়) (translated)
  • 'Assamese Marriage System'[3]

He was also an editor of 'Assam News' published from Gauhati (1883 - 1885).


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