Hello Hello (Superfly song)

"'Hello Hello" (ハロー・ハロー, Harō Harō) is the debut single by Japanese rock act Superfly, released on April 4, 2007.[1] The tune was composed by guitarist Koichi Tabo with lyrics co-written by vocalist Shiho Ochi. The song begins "Harō / Yūutsu o fukitobasu kotoba wa / Harō" (ハロー/憂鬱を吹き飛ばす言葉は/ハロー, "Hello / The word that blows away the gloom is / Hello"). It reached 31st place on the Oricon weekly singles chart and charted for seven weeks.[2] When sold through the iTunes Store, a special "Bonus Version" of the single was released featuring a live version of "Hello Hello" subtitled "13,000 Person Live @ Osaka-jō Hall FM802 Requestage".

"Hello Hello"
Hello Hello - Superfly single cover.png
Single by Superfly
from the album Superfly
ReleasedApril 4, 2007 (2007-04-04)
GenrePop, rock
LabelWarner Music Japan (WPCL-10400)
Songwriter(s)Shiho Ochi, Kōichi Tabo
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"Hello Hello"
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Track listingEdit

1."Hello Hello" (ハロー・ハロー Harō Harō)Shiho Ochi, Kōichi TaboKōichi TaboKōichi Tabo 
2."Kodoku no Hyena" (孤独のハイエナ Kodoku no Haiena; "Lonely Hyena")Shiho Ochi, Kōichi TaboKōichi TaboKōichi Tabo, Kazuyoshi Aoki 
3."Hot'N'Nasty[3]" (Originally by Humble Pie)Steve MarriottHumble Pie  
Digital single
1."Hello Hello 13,000 person Live @ Osaka-jō Hall FM802 Requestage" (Bonus version)Shiho Ochi, Kōichi TaboKōichi TaboKōichi Tabo 


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