Hellenic National Defence General Staff

The Hellenic National Defence General Staff (Greek: Γενικό Επιτελείο Εθνικής Άμυνας, abbr. ΓΕΕΘΑ) is the senior staff of the Hellenic Armed Forces. It was established in 1950, when the separate armed services ministries were consolidated into the Ministry of National Defence. Its role in peacetime was as a coordinating and senior consultative body at the disposal of the Greek government, and in wartime as the overall headquarters of the Armed Forces. In recent years, through ongoing efforts at increased inter-services cooperation and integration, the HNDGS has assumed peacetime operational control over the separate branches. Between 19 December 1968 and 10 August 1977, the HNDGS was abolished, and the Armed Forces Headquarters (Greek: Αρχηγείο Ενόπλων Δυνάμεων, abbr. Greek: ΑΕΔ) established in its place.

Hellenic National Defence General Staff
Γενικό Επιτελείο Εθνικής Άμυνας
Hellenic National Defence General Staff Seal.svg
Emblem of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff. The Corinthian helmet represents the Hellenic Army, the anchor the Hellenic Navy, and the wings the Hellenic Air Force
BranchArmed forces
TypeMilitary staff
Part ofHellenic Armed Forces
HeadquartersMinistry of National Defence, Psychiko, Athens, Greece
Motto(s)Αἰὲν Ἀριστεύειν ("Ever to Excel")
ChiefGeneral Konstantinos Floros
Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos
AbbreviationΓΕΕΘΑ ("HNDGS")
FlagFlag of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff.svg

The Chief of the HNDGSEdit

The Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (Αρχηγός ΓΕΕΘΑ, Α/ΓΕΕΘΑ) conducts the HNDGS and is the main adviser to the Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence (KYSEA) and to the Minister of Defence on military issues. Through the Chiefs of General Staffs, he carries out the operational commanding of the Joint Headquarters and the units that come under them, as well as the rest forces, when it comes to the issues of operation plans implementation and the Crises management System implementation, conduction of operations outside the national territory and participation of the Armed Forces in the confrontation of special situations during peace time.

He constructs the National Military Strategy after taking into consideration the suggestions of the General Staffs of the Armed Forces Services and according to the directions of the Ministry of Defence he manages and proposes the priority of the armament programs and suggests the general policy directions and priorities on every operational objective.

Traditionally, since c. 1970, the Chief of the HNDGS holds the rank of full general, admiral or air chief marshal, and is the only serving four-star officer of the Hellenic Armed Forces (as opposed to retired, since three-star ranks are often promoted one rank on retirement).

Since 17 January 2020, the incumbent Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, is General Konstantinos Floros.[1]

List of chiefs of the HNDGSEdit

No. Portrait Chief of the HNDGS Took office Left office Time in office Defence branch Ref
1Papagos, AlexandrosField Marshal
Alexandros Papagos
195019510–1 years  Hellenic Army
2Grigoropoulos, TheodotosLieutenant general
Theodotos Grigoropoulos
195119520–1 years  Hellenic Army
3Kitrilakis, StylianosLieutenant general
Stylianos Kitrilakis [el]
195219541–2 years  Hellenic Army
4Dovas, KonstantinosLieutenant general
Konstantinos Dovas
195419594–5 years  Hellenic Army
5Frontistis, AthanasiosLieutenant general
Athanasios Frontistis
195919622–3 years  Hellenic Army
6Pipilis, IoannisLieutenant general
Ioannis Pipilis [el]
196219652–3 years  Hellenic Army
7Tsolakas, KonstantinosLieutenant general
Konstantinos Tsolakas
196519671–2 years  Hellenic Army
8Avgeris, SpyridonVice admiral
Spyridon Avgeris
30 March 196714 December 1967259 days  Hellenic Navy
9Angelis, OdysseasGeneral
Odysseas Angelis
196716 August 19735–6 years  Hellenic Army
10Zagorianakos, DimitriosGeneral
Dimitrios Zagorianakos [el]
16 August 197325 November 1973101 days  Hellenic Army
11Bonanos, GrigoriosGeneral
Grigorios Bonanos
25 November 197319740–1 years  Hellenic Army
12Arbouzis, DionysiosGeneral
Dionysios Arbouzis
197419761–2 years  Hellenic Army
13Davos, IoannisGeneral
Ioannis Davos
14 September 197610 January 19803 years, 118 days  Hellenic Army
14Gratzios, AgamemnonGeneral
Agamemnon Gratzios
11 January 198019 January 19822 years, 8 days  Hellenic Army
15Degiannis, TheodorosAdmiral
Theodoros Degiannis
198219841–2 years  Hellenic Navy
16Kouris, NikolaosAir Chief Marshal
Nikolaos Kouris [el]
198419894–5 years  Hellenic Air Force
17Vellidis, StamatisGeneral
Stamatis Vellidis
(born 1928)
198919900–1 years  Hellenic Army
18Veryvakis, IoannisGeneral
Ioannis Veryvakis
199016 October 19932–3 years  Hellenic Army
19Skarvelis, DimitriosGeneral
Dimitrios Skarvelis [el]
(born 1933)
16 October 199316 December 199361 days  Hellenic Army
20Lymberis, ChristosAdmiral
Christos Lymberis [el]
(born 1935)
16 December 199319962–3 years  Hellenic Navy
21Tzoganis, AthanasiosAir Chief Marshal
Athanasios Tzoganis
(born 1939)
199619992–3 years  Hellenic Air Force
22Paragioudakis, ManousosGeneral
Manousos Paragioudakis [el]
(born 1938)
199920022–3 years  Hellenic Army
23Antonakopoulos, GeorgiosGeneral
Georgios Antonakopoulos [el]
(born 1943)
200216 February 20052–3 years  Hellenic Army
24Chinofotis, PanagiotisAdmiral
Panagiotis Chinofotis
(born 1949)
16 February 200521 August 20072 years, 186 days  Hellenic Navy
25Grapsas, DimitriosGeneral
Dimitrios Grapsas
(born 1948)
21 August 20076 August 20091 year, 350 days  Hellenic Army
26Giangos, IoannisAir Chief Marshal
Ioannis Giangos
(born 1951)
6 August 20091 November 20112 years, 87 days  Hellenic Air Force
27Kostarakos, MichailGeneral
Michail Kostarakos
(born 1956)
1 November 201115 December 20154 years, 44 days  Hellenic Army
28Apostolakis, EvangelosAdmiral
Evangelos Apostolakis
(born 1957)
15 December 201514 January 20193 years, 30 days  Hellenic Navy
Floros, KonstantinosLieutenant General
Konstantinos Floros
(born 1961)
14 January 201925 January 201911 days  Hellenic Army
29Christodoulou, ChristosAir Chief Marshal
Christos Christodoulou [el]
(born 1958)
25 January 201917 January 2020357 days  Hellenic Air Force
30Floros, KonstantinosGeneral
Konstantinos Floros
(born 1961)
17 January 2020Incumbent1 year, 318 days  Hellenic Army


  1. ^ Resigned to found Greek Rally party.
  2. ^ Held the post at the time of the coup d'état in April 1967 which established the military regime. Dismissed by the military regime following the failed counter-coup of King Constantine II in December 1967.
  3. ^ Installed by the military regime. "Chief of the Armed Forces" from December 1968.
  4. ^ a b Chief of the Armed Forces during the military regime.
  5. ^ Chief of the Armed Forces following the fall of the military regime.
  6. ^ Chief of the Armed Forces, from August 1977 Chief of the re-formed HNDGS.
  7. ^ Dismissed following the Imia crisis.


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