Hedyotis diffusa

Hedyotis diffusa, accepted name Oldenlandia herbacea, (Chinese: 白花蛇舌草; pinyin: báihuā shéshécǎo; lit. 'white flower snake-tongue grass', sometimes abbreviated to 蛇舌草 shéshécǎo[1]) is a kind of herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is sometimes combined with Siraitia grosvenorii (simplified Chinese: 罗汉果; traditional Chinese: 羅漢果; pinyin: luóhànguǒ) and Scutellaria barbata (Chinese: 半枝莲) to make hot drinks like Lohoguo of Guongsei (simplified Chinese: 罗汉果蛇舌草精; traditional Chinese: 羅漢果蛇舌草精; pinyin: luóhànguǒ shéshécǎo jīng) or Luohanguo Pearl and Sheshecao Beverage.[2]

Hedyotis diffusa
Oldenlandia diffusa.jpg
Scientific classification
H. diffusa
Binomial name
Hedyotis diffusa

Wild Oldenlandia herbacea can be found in Africa South of the Sahara, Madagascar, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It was introduced to China, Vietnam, Thailand, the Malay Peninsula and Indonesia in Southeast Asia, and to Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Puerto Rico in Central and South America.[3]


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