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HAT-P-9b is an exoplanet approximately 1500 light years away in the constellation Auriga. This planet was found by the transit method on June 26, 2008. It has a mass 78% that of Jupiter and a radius 140% that of Jupiter. As with most transiting planets, this planet is a hot Jupiter, meaning this Jupiter-like planet orbits extremely close to its parent star, taking only 3.92 days to orbit.[1]

Exoplanet Comparison HAT-P-9 b.png
Size comparison of HAT-P-9b with Jupiter.
Discovered byShporer et al.
Discovery siteCambridge, Massachusetts
Discovery dateJune 26, 2008
Transit (SuperWASP)
Orbital characteristics
0.0528 ± 0.002 AU (7,900,000 ± 300,000 km)
3.92289 ± 0.00004 d
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
1.4 ± 0.06 RJ
Mass0.78 ± 0.09 MJ
Mean density
380 kg/m3 (640 lb/cu yd)
10.3 m/s2 (34 ft/s2)
1.05 g


  1. ^ Shporer, Avi; et al. (2009). "HAT-P-9b: A Low-Density Planet Transiting a Moderately Faint F Star". The Astrophysical Journal. 690 (2): 1393–1400. arXiv:0806.4008. Bibcode:2009ApJ...690.1393S. doi:10.1088/0004-637X/690/2/1393.

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Coordinates:   07h 20m 40.479s, +37° 08′ 26.17″