Grupo Desportivo de Sesimbra (founded on 10 August 1947) is a Portuguese sports club based in the coastal town of Sesimbra, located in the Setúbal District. The club is known for its active involvement in various sports, being its main teams the football and rink hockey teams.

GD Sesimbra
Full nameGrupo Desportivo de Sesimbra
Founded10 August 1947; 76 years ago (1947-08-10)
GroundEstádio Vila Amália,
ChairmanSebastião Patrício
WebsiteClub website

The club was formed with the union of three clubs – União Futebol Sesimbra, Vitória Futebol Club and Ases Futebol Clube. Since its creation, the club boasts a rich history of promoting sports and fostering a sense of community through its various athletic endeavors.

The main title of the club is the CERS Cup won in 1981 by the rink hockey team.[1] The last title won by the club football team was the Setúbal FA championship in 2009/10 season.

Prior to his management career, José Mourinho once played for this team.

History edit

The club was founded in 1947, when the three local clubs, União Futebol Sesimbra, Vitória Futebol Club and Ases Futebol Clube, decided to merge in order to become more competitive. The club has since played a significant role in the local sports scene. Over the years, G.D. Sesimbra has established itself as a key player in promoting sports and fostering a sense of community in the town.[2]

Crest and colours edit

The crest consists of a white rounded triangular shield, which at the top, presents in yellow a castle with four towers. Underneath, appears a blue band with the town name displayed in yellow. In the center of the shield appears a pink Santiago cross, just like as in Sesimbra's municipality coat of arms.

The main color of the kits varies between different shades of pink and cerise, with the secondary color being white.

References edit

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