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Griffin & Phoenix (2006 film)

  (Redirected from Griffin and Phoenix (2006 film))

Griffin & Phoenix is a 2006 romance film produced by Gold Circle Films, starring Dermot Mulroney and Amanda Peet. It is a remake of the 1976 film Griffin and Phoenix. Since 2007, the film remake has been shown periodically on the Lifetime Movie Network.

Griffin & Phoenix
Promotional film poster
Directed by Ed Stone
Produced by Sidney Kimmel
Paul Brooks
Jason Blum
Written by John Hill
Starring Dermot Mulroney
Amanda Peet
Sarah Paulson
Blair Brown
Music by Roger Neill
Cinematography David M. Dunlap
Distributed by Gold Circle Films
Release date
  • 2006 (2006)
Running time
102 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $500,000
Box office $1,355,967


Henry Griffin (Dermot Mulroney) learns from his oncologist he has at most two years before cancer takes his life. He starts on a journey of self-reflection--writing a novel and taking a psychology class at New York University. There, he meets Sarah Phoenix (Amanda Peet). She hesitates but then they go off and goof around and stay up to see the new sunrise. Griffin believes they are close but Phoenix sends Griffin mixed signals. They have a whirlwind of adventurous and almost childlike activities but Griffin does not tell her about his illness because thy mutually feel that they do not want to hurt each other. Phoenix keeps back that she has cancer and a short period of survival.

Phoenix helps clean Griffin's house and comes across books on dying and "living life to the fullest". She believes that these are for Griffin to work through his issues with Phoenix's illness. When Phoenix storms out she confronts Griffin about what she perceives is only his sympathy for her condition. Griffin then explains that he too has cancer and they fall ever more for each other. They make the best of their time together.

Griffin comes to tell her he that when he becomes too ill that he will go away and she should not follow. That he needs to do this by himself. Phoenix is first to get sick and shares the same wish to Griffin's. He is deeply hurt and overacts. He comes to realizes that he was wrong, but he decides he wants to spend the last moments of Phoenix's life with her anyhow. Griffin is making 'Christmas' for Phoenix, as it is her favorite season and it would be their last holiday together.

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