List of governors of Hokkaido Prefecture

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The Governor of Hokkaido (北海道知事, Hokkaidō chiji) is the head of the local government of Hokkaido, Japan's largest prefecture. The seat of the local government is located in Sapporo, the capital city of the prefecture. The current governor is Naomichi Suzuki.

Governor of Hokkaido
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Seal of Hokkaido
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Naomichi Suzuki
since 23 April 2019
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderToshibumi Tanaka

List of governorsEdit

This is the list of the governors of Hokkaido.

No. Name Took office Left office Party Number of terms
1 Toshibumi Tanaka (田中敏文) May 1947 April 1959 First term independent, Social Democratic Party 3
2 Kingo Machimura (町村金五) April 1959 April 1971 Liberal Democratic Party 3
3 Naohiro Dōgakinai (堂垣内尚弘) April 1971 April 1983 Liberal Democratic Party 3
4 Takahiro Yokomichi (横路孝弘) April 1983 April 1995 Social Democratic Party 3
5 Tatsuya Hori (堀達也) April 1995 April 2003 Independent 2
6 Harumi Takahashi (高橋はるみ) April 2003 April 2019 Independent 4
7 Naomichi Suzuki (鈴木直道) April 2019 - Independent -