Gordon Williamson (writer)

Gordon Williamson (born 1951) is a British military historian.[1][2] Williamson spent seven years with the Military Police in the British Territorial Army and, as of 2016, resides in Scotland. Williamson has written more than 40 books and other publications.[3] His works have focused on topics ranging from U-boats,[4] military insignia,[5] flying aces, the Waffen-SS, and special forces. Williamson has authored over 20 books on the Waffen-SS and the Wehrmacht.[6] S. P. MacKenzie has characterized Willamson's treatment of the Waffen-SS as somewhat skeptical but still rehabilitory in nature, noting that he was one of the British historians in the 1990s who wanted "to restore the tarnished reputation [of the Waffen-SS] and reiterate its superb fighting qualities" by relying on veterans' narratives.[2]

Gordon Williamson
Born1951 (age 68–69)
Known forMilitary history

In Williamson's book "The SS: Hitler's Instrument of Terror",[7] Williamson makes virtually no mention of the holocaust, the mass murder of six million of Europe's Jews and three million others. The word does not even appear in the index. Neither do the words: gas chamber, death camps, nor Zyklon_B (the gas used in the gas chambers), appear anywhere in his book. He goes on and on about the Waffen SS, as a fighting force, but never mentions the elimination of the Jews, the death camps, the mass murders in the ghettos nor how the SS's ran the death camps and their role in the slaughter of millions of innocents.

Selected worksEdit

  • E-BOAT vs. MTB: The English Channel 1941-45[8]
  • German Commanders of World War II (2): Waffen-SS, Luftwaffe and Navy
  • Knight's Cross with Diamonds Recipients: 1941-45
  • Grey Wolf: U-Boat Crewman of World War II
  • The Iron Cross [1]
  • Osprey Men-at-Arms 434, World War II German Police Units
  • Kriegsmarine U-boats 1939-45
  • Loyalty Is My Honor: Waffen-SS Soldiers Talking
  • The SS: Hitler's Instrument of Terror[9]
  • Waffen-SS Handbook
  • World War II German Battle Insignia
  • Torpedo Los!: The Fascinating World of U-boat Collectibles


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